Truthbrush Bamboo Toothbrush Family Pack X 5

Truthbrush Bamboo Toothbrush Family Pack X 5

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Who said zero waste couldn't be glamorous? Introducing the gorgeous Truthbrush bamboo toothbrush.  It has a comfortable ergonomically rounded handle with  bristles which are now plant based!  

Every plastic toothbrush that you've ever used in your life time still exists, that's a lot of plastic! Making the switch to bamboo toothbrushes is one of the quickest and easiest swaps you can makeThe Truthbrush is made from sustainable bamboo which is fast growing and has natural anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.  To keep your Truthbrush fresh allow the handle to dry out between uses.  Once the toothbrush has come to the end of it's life it is biodegradable- just (carefully) pull out the bristles with pliers.  Now the only question is what colour will you go for?

Designed by two ladies Catherine and Catherine, a hospital surgeon and fashion buyer in Devon and shipped to me using carbon neutral methods. 

Why I love it:

  • 62% castor oil and 38 % nylon bristles (an improvement on previous nylon bristles)
  • A small change that can make a big difference
  • Comes in a range of different colours to suit anyone that will look great in your bathroom
  • Multipack to share the love!